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The Standard First Post To a Blog

I have been doing the “Dying for a Diagnosis” blog now for seven months or so, and I enjoy that process immensely. However, I kept running into the same issue:

That thing I want to write about, or that you want me to write about? Has nothing to do with death, dying, chronic illness, or the spirituality thereof. In other words, not for DfaD.

But I find that as I begin to truly understand the difference between journaling and blogging, I wanted an outlet to write about some things that don’t fit my other blog. For instance:

  1. Spirit Work: Although DfaD has a lot of spiritual content, I have been trying very hard to keep it related to death, dying, and illness. However, that isn’t the totality of my spiritual practice or experience. So there’s a lot of other things related to spirit work, spirituality, shamanism, sacred sexuality, and other parts of my Work that I’d love to write about.
  2. Sex/Kink: I am a sex and kink educator. I frequently want to write things about sex, kink, the kink and sex positive communities, and the insights they provide, but wow is that not germane for DfaD. So, here.
  3. My Gods: I’d love to be able to write more about my relationships with my Gods. I know that feels like it’s covered under number one, but it isn’t always.
  4. Being a “Rock Star”: I’m not entirely certain what this means, but many people in my life use this phrase to describe me. It comes up more often than you’d think for a fat, disabled freak like me. So I want a place to both play with being a “rock star” (whatever that means) and explore the “rock star” archetype

So that’s the vague plan. And yes, I’m rushing to get this done so I can take part in A Month for Loki. I can’t promise I’ll write every single day about Him, but I’ll do something for Him because, well, Loki.


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A shaman who writes about spiritual things, but not in that namby-pamby "everything is light and fluffy" sort of way.

One response to “The Standard First Post To a Blog

  1. EVCelt

    Rock out with your cock out! (not that I’m quoting *you* here or something).

    Or jam out with your clam out!

    Or brag on with your QUILTBAG on?

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