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Hysteria, or The Madness Road

When I tell people I am a madness shaman, or that I work with Madness as a concept (rather than death, as many other well known shamans do), I get a lot of mixed reactions. Frequently, I feel very lonely, as much is out there in terms of resources, when one chooses or is chosen for the death road; so much so, that the publisher of my book (which, the book is on a bit of hiatus as I deal with some health issues) required me to write a few essays about my experiences on the Madness Road. I share the following as someone’s else journeys on that path, how it can tear you apart and shatter your life as completely, if not more so, than dying and being reborn. We, the mad, are always keenly aware on how we don’t fit in with the societal expectations of “normal”, often on ways we cannot hide or mask. It is wholly a part of us, something we carry and suffer and struggle with, every single day. I’m not implying that it is somehow more difficult or “better” than the death road, but it is just as valid.

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A shaman who writes about spiritual things, but not in that namby-pamby "everything is light and fluffy" sort of way.

3 responses to “Hysteria, or The Madness Road

  1. moonfire2012 ⋅

    Reblogged this on Tried by Fire and commented:
    Been there. STILL there. To what degree will vary upon who you talk to.

  2. Elizabeth ⋅

    Thanks, Del.

  3. I find myself surrounded by walkers of the Trixters path. I am beginning to believe it is a Showbiz thing. They are however the most honest and deeply spiritual people I know. Each and everyone of them have gone deep into the abyss of madness and crawled their way out. I think this trial by fire gives them a compassion and understanding of the human condition that can not be achieved otherwise. I am proud to call a son of Loki my Spirit Brother.

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