Divination: Want a reading from Del?

Do you have life questions you would appreciate some insight about? Are you facing a choice and unsure which way to go? Do you feel confused or lost and aren’t sure what the best first step is? Divination may be able to help.

I offer a wide range of divination services, that vary depending on what you are looking to learn and how much information you want. I answer most requests for divination within two weeks – it highly depends on my health and my ability to find time to sit down and focus on your reading. The only reason for refunds is if I fail to do the reading at all. There are no refunds because you don’t like or agree with what you hear, or because you were hoping for a specific answer and didn’t get it.

If you are interested in these services, or gifting a loved one with a gift certificate for these services, please email my assistant at delandrave@gmail.com and she will get the ball rolling.

$5 – Three Card Peek
This is the bare bones reading – a little bit of insight into the past, present, and future influences on your situation. These can be done with either runes, or with Lenormand or Tarot cards. (Which tool you choose is mostly dependant on what you’re looking to learn.) The results will be emailed to you.

$15 – Nine Card Lenormand Square
Do you need some insight into a situation in your life, but you don’t know where to begin? Are you interested in knowing if there are obstacles in your path or if it’s all smooth sailing? The Lenormand deck, which works much better with practical, everyday questions (romance, career, education, travel, etc) can give you a good sense of what you need to know. These readings are usually sent via mp3, but can also be done via Skype or Hangout if the timing works.

$20 – Elder Futhark Rune Readings
I read runes in a style that I was spirit-taught, so it tends to be different than other rune readers. Most people who choose the runes do so because their question has something to do with the Norse traditions or pantheons, but they can also be handy if you are really lost and don’t know which way to turn. They can cut to the quick and show you what things need your attention now and what can wait until you’re better prepared. These results are either emailed or sent via MP3.

$25 – Celtic Cross Tarot Reading
This is probably the most traditional way to read the Tarot, and gives you insight into the past, present and future influences on a specific question or situation. Whereas the Lenormand cards are better suited to the everyday, the Tarot’s best focus is your spiritual life or how your faith plays a part in what is going on. Although don’t be mistaken – the Tarot also knows how to answer love and career questions too! This reading is much more indepth than the Nine Card Lenormand reading, and usually takes about 30-45 minutes to complete. I send results via mp3, although I am usually open to doing them via Skype or Hangout if our schedules line up.

$40 – Shamanic Divination/Oracular Readings
I struggle with how to name what it is that I do for these readings, so let me explain a bit. When someone asks me to do this, I first make offerings to the various Gods and Spirits that are involved in the request, as well as pray to Them to acertain that They will deign to share information with me. I then undergo an astral journey, where I communicate the querant’s question or situation and receive an answer. When I return, I share both a literal description of what I saw/heard, as well as some interpretation if I feel it is necessary. I know many oracles and seid workers look down on interpreting these sorts of things, and if you’re really interested I’ll happily share with you over email why I choose to do this. The cost covers not only the service itself, but also the offerings I make to the Gods on your behalf. I send the results in a detailed email, and am always happy to discuss it further if you desire.

$50 – Lenormand Grand Tableux
This reading involves all 36 cards in a Lenormand deck, and can take upwards of 2 hours to complete. This reading usually encompasses the querant’s whole life circumstances, but can be directed to focus on a specific area. Again, Lenormand cards are much better suited for everyday practical insights, not so much for spiritual or shamanic questions. I record the reading as an mp3, and if I think it helps, I may decide to send a picture of the actual layout. These can also be done in person, either in my home or should we meet at an event.

Which bears mentioning: if you and I are going to be at an event in the near future, and you’d like an in-person reading at said event, please drop me an email so we can make arrangements. I don’t always take divination tools with me when I leave home, so knowing that you’re considering a reading means I will definitely be prepared for that.

My philosophy on readings is that I go until I feel the question is answered; that is, I don’t charge per hour or anything like that. I highly, highly prefer to finish a reading in one session, but if I am doing readings without immediate input from the client, it may take more than one session to find the end of the reading. If too much time elapses between sessions, it may be too difficult for me to find the thread again, so schedule follow up sessions right away.

If you are interested in these services or have questions, feel free to email delandrave@gmail.com, and my assistant will walk you through the process.

I prefer Paypal for transactions over the Internet, but I am also equipped to take plastic and cash myself as well. I reserve the right to refuse services (mostly done due to illness or scheduling), and I might not provide a reason. But this is something I very much enjoy doing, so please don’t let that keep you from contacting me. I just like to be honest when I know my health or my life will prevent me from focusing fully on your answer.

It usually takes me about one to two weeks to send your reading; this is because I need to set aside the time to do the reading in an uninterrupted and spiritually fortuitous time and manner. I am not secretive about the fact that I am chronically ill, and it’s best that I do readings when I am feeling well. If you need an answer in a specific length of time, let me know and I will do my best.

I do occasionally accept barter in exchange for readings, but I have a protocol for that, honed after many years of blindly accepting whatever barter is offered. For now, I require that the barter be in my hands before I do the reading, because I have been stiffed too often by people who offered me beautiful things that never came to fruition. I also reserve the right to refuse offers of barter – really, I’m only interested in barter if it’s something I want or need. Easy barter offers would be for services (like cleaning my home, transcription, or graphic design), or for ritual art or tools. (I rarely turn down quality art depicting the Gods I serve.)

Rarely, I also do pro-bono readings for people in distress if the reading is specifically about getting out of that distress. And by “distress”, I mean major life upheavals like losing a loved one, homelessness/joblessness, medical crisis, etc. These readings are reserved for people in real financial crisis, and I only offer *one* per customer. In a pro-bono session, I get to choose the tool and the layout, dependent on my intuition and energy level. I am much more likely to consider your request if there is a provision for receiving payment or barter in the future, and you give me some way to hold you accountable to that.

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