Spirit Work 101 – Subscription Service for Awesome Essays and Lessons!

In 2014, I am offering a new service specifically for those interested in spirit work and shamanism. If you’ve enjoyed my essays like “God Sex” or “Hearing the Gods”, this new subscription service is definitely for you!

For the very reasonable price of $45, you will be signing on for a much deeper and more personal experience than just reading my blog. You’ll get to learn about spirit work in more depth, ask questions of myself and other spirit workers and shamans I trust, and gain access to the wisdoms and knowledges we’ve acquired from doing this for real. I will assist you in learning to meditate and enter light trance, which are essential foundational skills that lead to advanced work. I’m entering into this with an open sense of excitement and exploration, and will be extremely open to suggestions and guidance from my subscribers as we grow and learn together.

So what will I be getting for my $45?

At least once a month (but sometimes more often), you will receive via email exclusive essays only available to subscribers, that focuses on the nitty gritty of spirit work and shamanic practice. From basics like altar building, to intermediate topics such as trance work (used both in oracular sessions and as a prelude to possessory work), you get the benefit of my years of experience as well as my evocative writing style.

I also plan to record guided meditations and other meditative practices that will deepen and expand your ritual experiences. I have been teaching meditation for many years and have been working on-again off-again on my own book geared towards people who feel meditation is impossible for them. This will give you tried-and-true tips on how to reduce stress, open your heart and mind, and create the right atmosphere for serious spiritual work.

At least twice during the year, I will be hosting Google Hangouts specifically for my spirit work learners, with both a short lesson as well as an open Q&A session. If you’ve read some of my work and found yourself struggling with a concept or practice, this will be a great time to ask for clarification face to face. I hope to invite some of my colleagues to these sessions, or schedule specific sessions where my subscribers can discuss topics with other experienced spirit workers and shamans.

At the end of the year, I will be collecting these essays into a self-published booklet, which will be available to both subscribers and non-subscribers (although subscribers will get it cheaper!)

What else? Who knows! I was inspired to offer this by many different cosmic clue-by-fours, as well as talking with some of my best clients and friends, so I am entering into this with a sense of excitement and openness to see where it takes all of us. And I’m the kind of person who follows their intuition and ask others for input, so this will be something that we will build together in hopes of really sharing not only my own knowledge and interests, but those of everyone I work with and get to know. If there’s a topic that people want to learn, they can drop me a note and I’ll do my best (and if I don’t know enough about it, I probably know someone who does!).

As of now, I have no idea where this will go, so I don’t know if I will be making the same offer in 2015. Remember that essay about “I’ll Go Next Year”? This is a grand experiment, and it may take off and soar or it may end up dragging me through the mud. I’m going to do my darndest to make this fun and educational without neglecting my posting duties on Sex, Gods, and Rock Stars as well as Dying for a Diagnosis. So if this idea excites you, I would highly encourage you to sign up now – it really may be your only chance!

To join, send an email to delandrave@gmail.com. Rave, my assistant, will walk you through the process from there.

5 responses to “Spirit Work 101 – Subscription Service for Awesome Essays and Lessons!

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  2. Asrik ⋅

    Just sent monies 🙂

    One thing I’d love, and I think this is more doable with private groups, is case-studies. You’ve done a fuck-ton of stuff and I know you have some great stories, could some of those be included in a hangout? Like “so this one time at band camp… I did a ritual. Here’s how it went down from my perspective [insert story]. Here’s how I prepared, here’s the skills I used, here’s the people I consulted with, here’s what worked, here’s what didn’t, here’s what I learned.”

  3. syrens

    Subscribed and awaiting appropriate water-wings. 🙂

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