Free Reading Lottery! (Now Closed)

THIS LOTTERY IS CLOSED AS OF 12/1. Thanks for signing up!


I am learning Lenormand, a new-to-me and somewhat-rare form of cartomancy (using cards to explore a question or situation). Lenormand is much less esoteric than Tarot; a typical Lenormand sentence would be “You need to go back to school if you want a better job”, whereas the Tarot would say “The situation is good for taking in new knowledge and skills, and figuring out where to apply them best”. Whereas most of the Tarot cards, even the ones with “negative” connotations (like the Tower and the Devil), are interpreted in a positive fashion (like a warning or “…if you don’t change your course, this will happen in some way), the Lenormand cards are charged with positive, negative, and indifferent meanings.

That all being said, if you are interested in helping me learn the system and getting a free reading in the process, this is how the lottery will work:

1. You send an area of your life you would like to know more about (finance, career, education, domestic, romantic, travel, etc) in an email to with the subject of “Lottery Entry”

2. Your name and query will be put in a hat.

3. When I am ready and willing to do a practice reading, I will draw a name out of the hat.

4. It will solely be -my- decision/whim if you get a three card reading, a nine card reading, all the way up to what is called the Grand Tableau, which is all 36 cards. It’s more about me learning the different formats, and less about choosing who gets more information. To make it fair, I will decide what kind of reading I am doing before I draw the name.

5. If the reading is short, I will likely email you the results. The Grand Tableau can take up to 2 hours to perform, so in that case I will email you an mp3. Getting a GT reading from me now is a big deal, as I will likely be charging up to $50 for GT readings once I am proficient. I *may* decide to also send you a picture of the layout, if I feel that seeing the cards will help better understand the results.

6. I will continue to draw names out of the hat until I feel I am done learning and experimenting – and this might happen at any time. There is a chance I will not choose your name at all, depending on how many entries we get, but it is my intent to give everyone at least a 3 card reading, since that takes all of 5 or 10 minutes to do.

7. I would really, really appreciate feedback on your reading, so I can see where I was off-track and where I was really getting it right. Some of the layouts have many different interpretations, so it will take me a while to hone in on which ones work best for me and my clients.

8. If you feel so inclined, writing a short one-or-two sentence review of the reading for me to post on Sex, Gods, and Rock Stars’ divination page would be super helpful. Few people know of the Lenormand in America, so helping people understand why they might choose a Lenormand reading over a Tarot reading (or vice versa) will be useful.

Good luck!